Searching for roots

Years ago sea kayaking was introduced to Hvar through another agency – very well known today in the town, but behind all that, the name of Damir Pačić stands out as someone who did the most work there and continually developed kayaking trips from half-day to multi-day ones the way they are run by at least three adventure agencies in the area.

Recently I left all those partnerships behind and this time completely on my own started a new agency specialized in adventure acitivities to do what I know best.

Hvar sea kayaking is not limited to kayaking only; hiking and rock climbing are important segments of the offer and our philosophy – some of the best climbing sites and/or routes on the island originated and came from the same source as sea kayaking.

∞  To learn new things  ∞  To share the knowledge  ∞  To leave every now and then comfort zone  ∞  To get to know always more about local ways  ∞  To get in the heart of things but leaving no harm  ∞  To find the easiest way to do something demanding  ∞  To live in harmony with nature as much as possible  ∞  To support and promote local producers of autochtonous products  ∞  To take our guests where we like to go ourselves  ∞  To stay calm in tricky situations  ∞  To work with small groups  ∞  To cherish differencies  ∞  To offer quality  ∞  To be humble  ∞  To evolve  ∞

Low season is our high season

We like summer but oftentimes prefer spring and autumn as it’s simply not crowded.

Plan is but an alternative

Trips can be tailored, sideways unexpected, weather conditions and such can change but experiences are genuine.

Road less taken and traveled

Usually the best spots aren’t in the spotlight. Let us take you there.

Safe and sound

By exiting your comfort zone you might discover yourself better. We dare you to do so.

Smaller groups for greater experiences

The less people around (you) the more likely you are to feel unspoiled nature. Hope you agree!

Is customer always right?

Yes, but so are we, meaning we are all equally responsible for pleasure. It takes two to tango!


Rich history, amazing architecture, incredible natural setting, almost mystical atmosphere,
all together have influenced and created its unique charm, calling you to discover it through the outdoor activities we provide.